Classes & Programs


Classes For All Fitness Levels

Prefer to workout in a group? We’ve got a class for that.

Body Balance

Find your centre in this yoga-based workout that’ll improve your mind, body and life.

Body Attack

Welcome to a high-energy, whole body workout that caters to everyone, from total beginners to total addicts.

Multifunctional Circuit

This class is perfect if you want to work on multiple areas. You’ll do circuit style training that focuses on cardio, strength, mobility, agility, and reaction time.

Run Club

Enjoy fresh air and like-minded company on your run, with our outdoor running group.


Built on the three main elements of exercises, breathing and meditation, yoga helps to bring your mind and body together.


Feel the beat with signature Latin and salsa-style music. Work your hips and stomach to strengthen your core, and learn fast,

Personal Training

You can, and you will. With the right personal trainer, you’re partners in the impossible.

One on One

We offer semi-private and small group training as part of your personal training package. We also that requires our Movement Specialists to have a degree in Exercise Science.


Need a fitness solution that is somewhere in between personal training and small group classes? Semi-private training might just be the right fit for you! Our semi-private session combine the energy and community feel with strength and conditioning.

Small group

Our boutique personal training studio offers an intimate setting with class sizes that are liited to eight people.Every Movement Specialist on our team has a degree in Kinesiology or Exercise Science, in addition to certifications that qualify them to help you move better.