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“The Gym changed my life. Not only physically, but mentally as well. I am a better mother, better spouse and an all around better human being because of this gym.”

Sandra Andreessen

“The Gym is a family that encourages, lifts up, teaches each other and is always welcoming new members to the family.

Linda Hudson

Classes & programs

Weight Lifting

You will enjoy our selection of equipment from free weights, cable extension machines, and machine presses. Time to make those muscles strong.


Come and try out our various types of cardio equipment from Jacobs Ladder, Versa Climber, StairMaster, recumbnant bikes, stationary bikes, cycles, ellipticals, and Life Fitness treadmills.


Come and enjoy our stretching areas with our floormats, medicine balls, Swiss balls, and foam rollers. You will have two big rooms and a patio area for some serious stretching.