1. Register on food platforms

Take advantage of mobile technology, and sign up for apps and food platforms to make sure your restaurant is listed.

Being present on Yelp for example can make you exposed in front of thousands of potential customers looking for a restaurant nearby.

2. Share your Photos

Taking very high quality photos of your dishes is without a doubt the most effective way to promote your restaurant.
Post photos of your delicious food on social networks and on your website to attract hungry eyes.

You can try taking pictures with your smartphone, but for more efficiency, you can call a photographer, preferably, specializes in culinary photography.

3. Organize contests on social media

Ask your customers to take and publish photos with their favorite dishes or even with one of your favorite employees, using a specific hashtag.

You can then organize a contest on Instagram and Facebook, and give bonuses to customers who have the best shared photos.

Thanks to this contest, your photos will be shared everywhere in social networks and you will have a lot more traffic, but also you will have dozens, and even hundreds of beautiful pictures of your customers that you can then use for your next marketing campaigns

4. Create a beautiful and effective website

The majority of consumers today are looking for restaurants online before going out, and that’s why a website has become very important.
But for a website to be efficient and easy to navigate for the user, a few key points will be essential: a high-performance website must display the menu, work schedules, address and telephone number.
Do not forget to post photos of your restaurant, your dishes and your employees and especially make it compatible with mobile devices.

Marketing Restaurant Strategy

Developing and maintaining the reputation of your restaurant is very important whatever its type. For this, you need to create a marketing restaurant strategy and have many options to make yourself known.
Whether traditional solutions or digital actions, the Brandyum team is here to help you develop your business.